Meet Michele

Author Michele I. KhouryAfter graduating from the University of California at Riverside with a Masters degree in Economics, I discovered I hated being constrained to a desk job. Deciding to try sales, I migrated to Xerox Computer Services, where I set multiple sales records, followed by Apple Computer, where I received a Business Development Manager of the Year award in 1987. For twenty-one years I was an award-winning entrepreneur with a small business. As an international business consultant, I taught technology companies around the world how to sell conceptual, intangible products and services that are difficult to learn or explain, sold to risk-averse committees, and perceived as expensive.

I began my third career when I took the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Novel Writing Classes through the University of California Irvine’s extension programs. I was one of three out of fourteen students that my professor chose to mentor, and I attended her weekly critique sessions for six years. Busted is my debut novel, and the theme is legalizing drugs.

In September of 2018, I won the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award contest for excellence in writing.

I’m working on my second book, which is a story about domestic violence and abuse.

I’m passionate about social issues, and I care deeply about the less fortunate, including animals.

I live in Orange County, California, with my husband and our dogs, Bubbles (blue halter) and Thriller. I consider our pets family members, and my husband says that he’d like to return in a future life as one of my dogs.

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