Au Revoir—For Now

Dear Readers,

I’ve been blogging for the last eighteen months, usually every seven to ten days. This past summer I found myself finding excuses not to write: I’m jetlagged; I don’t have enough time; I don’t want to write about the drug war; and, the time between posts increased.

Blogging vs. Slogging

You may be surprised to learn that each blog can take between four and eight hours to create—which includes researching, writing, editing (multiple times), finding relevant images, adding the SEO (search optimization) keywords, and then publishing.

Woman showing disbeliefWoman showing shock, disbelief

Everything I read about blogging recommended publishing two to three times a week. (Horrors.) Instead I “slogged”—which is slow blogging. The research regarding blogging/slogging says that building a readership base and expanding one’s target market takes time, and to be patient.

When I found myself avoiding my office because I didn’t want to write another blog, I realized slogging is not working: the return on the investment does not warrant the time and effort. So, I’ve decided to explore other promotional avenues, as well as researching and writing my second novel, The Sheriff’s Wife.

Positive Results

Between posts, I learned how to market and promote my novel. Through experimentation, I found my target market–adults over forty–and identified the most productive venues to reach my audience, which includes using specific eBook selling ventures such as ENT, Book Gorilla, and

Along the way, I made multiple mistakes—investing in virtual book tours, falling for marketing scams and “free” webinars that weren’t.

Positive Experiences

Thanks to many friends, I’ve been welcomed at book club meetings where I shared my research. Loved the warmth, camaraderie, dialogue and excellent questions.

Winning the 2018 Reader’s Choice Bronze Medal in the international writing contest for suspense was a pleasant surprise, which added a significant boost in visibility and sales.

Readers'Favorite Bronze Award

Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Award

And, last October 11th, I was honored to speak at the Newport Beach Public Library. I loved meeting new readers and sharing the stories behind the characters.

Speaking at the NBPL

Speaking at the Newport Beach Public Library

In the future, when I have a significant announcement or update, I’ll post another blog.

Thank you for your support by reading my blogs, commenting, and sharing your experiences. I’m grateful and appreciative.

It's not goodbye, just au revoir

Au Revoir—for now.

Warmest Regards,                                                                                                                                           Michele

P.S. If you like suspense novels, please consider reading my debut novel, Busted, which shows both sides of the drug debate. To buy, click on Amazon. If you’ve read it and liked it, please recommend it to a friend. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Au Revoir—For Now”

  1. Tina Hogan GrantTina Hogan Grant

    Aww, going to miss your blogs Michele but I understand your decision. It does take time to create a blog and as writers our time is valuable. I will be looking forward to your posts in the future on your writing endeavors as they unfold. Please keep in touch and I’m looking forward to reading “The Sheriff’s Wife.”

  2. Bob RomanoBob Romano

    I feel your pain, Michele. I try churn out one a month but they could take me up to two days because of the complexity of our services and and everything you mentioned that goes into it. Write two to three times a week? Horrors is right. I wouldn’t have a life much less a business. I just went 6 months without writing one since it’s such a chore. I will miss your insights.

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