Book Clubs, Promotions, and Update on the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment


Recently I was a guest author at the Angels of the Arts Book Club. In the picture below, I’m holding the copy of Busted.

This event was my second experience as a guest author.

Before attending unfamiliar book clubs, I feel vulnerable. Other than the person who invited me, I don’t know the members and worry about the reception I’ll receive. Did they enjoy the book? (I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea). Did they feel the characters were realistic? Was the story plausible? How do they feel about drugs? Will they dislike me because I included sex, violence, foul language, and legalizing and decriminalizing drugs in the story?

The book club met at Victoria’s home. She’s been a fabulous friend since 1994, and in 1999, she introduced me to my husband.

Each woman welcomed me with warmth and a smile, just like my first guest author experience. As I shook hands, they thanked me for attending. “No,” I said, “thank you for inviting me.”

After being introduced, I offered to talk about writing, research, the publishing industry, my publishing journey, and the challenges of marketing and promoting a book in today’s environment.

Yes, they want to hear about all of those subjects. However, the research and the people I interviewed seemed to be the most intriguing.

I shared the stories behind the story–how each character is a compilation of multiple people–including the real-life experiences that I wove into my characters’ scenes.

As the discussion evolved, the conversation eventually turned to drugs. As individuals shared their philosophies, I heard pros and cons about legalizing/decriminalizing drugs.

Victoria sent the following note, and I love the eloquent way she summarized the meeting. With her permission, I’m sharing it with you.


I can’t thank you enough for that fascinating presentation on Busted. Your openness about the challenges of writing and researching this topic really bought the book to life. The stories you told made us smile, cringe, laugh and some brought tears to our eyes. Thanks for shedding light on this topic. We’ve wrestled with it on a national level and on a personal level – and there are no easy answers. You highlighted the many facets of the problem, the complexity but also the urgency needed to find a solution.

You did a great job and, all of us in the Angels of the Arts Book Club appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with us!

As of this blog, I’m scheduled to attend two more book clubs. If you’d like me to speak at one of your meetings, please email me at

And, if you don’t belong to a book club and want to organize an informal gathering, I’d be delighted to discuss.

Being a guest author is an honor, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Even though I wrote a book about drugs, I’m still naïve about the prevalence of drug usage. Many people have shared horror stories about a family member, friend, or teenager who experimented and became hooked.

On the positive side, I’m pleasantly surprised to hear how many people have received relief from medicinal marijuana.

Since the legalization of marijuana, a primary concern is the increase in usage and driving while stoned. This hit home when I read an article in Thursday’s Los Angeles Times that said there’s no test for driving high like there is for detecting drunkenness.

We’re experiencing a sea change, and there are many factors to be addressed.


I’ve discovered that marketing Busted could be a full-time job. I’m involved with many online venues, and the following are two current promotions.


Do you prefer listening to books versus reading? I’m offering a promotion through AudioBook Boom, where you can get a free copy of Busted’s audiobook.

Or, email me at, and I’ll send you a promotion code to download your free copy through ACX (Please email soon, as I have a limited amount left.)

Sale on Busted’s eBook

As part of an advertising campaign I’m running in, I’m offering Busted’s eBook version for $4.99. This opportunity is available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, and the Apple store.

If you haven’t read Busted now’s a good time to buy. Or, if there’s someone who might enjoy the book, please tell them (instead of lending your copy. I want the sale.)


Would you please do me a HUGE favor? When I reach 50 five-star reviews, Amazon will begin promoting Busted. You may be familiar with Amazon’s ads that say, “Other people also bought _____ book.”

As of this email, I have 48 five-stars and 4 four-stars. (Unfortunately, Amazon only counts the five-star ratings.)

Unbeknownst to me, reviews from relatives are not allowed, and Amazon deleted half a dozen ratings. (Amazon is not just a retail company–it is a data mining company. Since I’d sent gifts to relatives, Amazon used that information to verify relationships. I was also told that Amazon uses data from FB. Given the recent experiences with Cambridge Analytical, I’m not surprised.)


The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment is legislation that prevents the U.S. Justice Department from using federal funds to interfere with state-legal medical marijuana laws and companies.

It was included in the recent budget appropriations bill, which was approved for one more year.

This is the eighth time the amendment has been temporarily extended by a continuing resolution from Congress.


Many people have said they’d responded to my blogs and unfortunately, I haven’t received their messages. The software I use to distribute the blogs, WordPress, is a do-not-reply web-based application. If you’d like to communicate, please email me at or post a comment.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share this blog by using the icons below.

Warmest Regards,                                                                                                                                             Michele

P.S. If you’re interested in Busted, click here to go to Amazon.

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  1. Millie PaulMillie Paul

    Congratulations on being a guest author at several local book clubs, Michele! I will inquire at the library if they are interested in discussing the book and the issues it raises. Several local authors have spoken at the two libraries in Carlsbad.

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