B&B’s Have a New Meaning

An article by Adam Tschorn in Friday morning’s November 17, 2017, edition of the Los Angeles Times caught my eye: Boutique hotelier is teaming up with cannabis brand.

Beginning next year Standard International, a high-end hotel will be offering the first cannabis retail shop in the lobby of their Hollywood location.

The store will be stocked with Lord Jones’ full range of THC-derived edibles (the chemicals that make you high); topicals, some of which contain THC, and other products that are made with hemp-derived CBD (the stuff that doesn’t make you high).

What makes Lord Jones’ products different?

According to their website, the two-year-old company manufactures and distributes the “World’s Finest Cannabis Infused Products.” The confections are made by hand in small batches from Ecuadorian dark chocolate, imported European fruit essences, and pure California-grown cannabis extract.

My corporate and entrepreneurial background is selling intangible products and services. Since my first novel was released, I’ve been learning about branding and marketing a tangible product. So, my interest was peaked when I read: Lord Jones is one of the better-branded products.

Really? What makes them a better-branded product?

The following picture is their logo.

Notice the shield, the crown, the hawk, the animals, and the plant fleur-de-leis–all aristocratic symbols designed to appeal to our snobbish selves.

Here’s a sample of one of their products from their website:

This image on the right reminded me of Godiva Chocolates–upscale Belgian chocolate offerings.


(If this makes you hungry, click here to order from Amazon: Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin, Chocolate…)

B&B’s Have a New Meaning

According to the article, there are many “Bud and Breakfasts” already offering cannabis-friendly lodging worldwide. I googled Bud and Breakfasts and found 420.

Did you know about this?

I had no idea–probably because I have no desire to eat or ingest anything drug-related.

Still, the concept of Bud and Breakfasts triggered my imagination. Will there be “Bud Tours,” “Bud Plants,” “Bud Yards,” and “Buds of the World?”

Or do these already exist? Have you visited a similar establishment? What did you think?

Let me know. I love being educated, and hearing from you.

Thanks for reading.

Warmest Regards,                                                                                                                                           Michele                                                                                                                                                               Author, Busted                                                                                                                                           www.michelekhoury.com                                                                                                                              Link to subscribe: http://michelekhoury.com/blog/





2 thoughts on “B&B’s Have a New Meaning”

  1. Laura BLaura B

    Michelle –

    Like you I have no interest in cannabis product of any kind – it just is not my thing. I like wine.
    I, also like you, saw the article in the LA Times and it surprised me, but that is about it. I am living now in Hawi Hawaii (Big Island) and most of my friends here grow their own and definitely use it as well. It has become almost mundane at this point in my journey and it no longer shocks me or interests me. I wonder what else will be falling off my Shock-O-Meter list in the future.


    November 19, 2017

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