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In response to my September 26, 2017 blog about Modernizing Marijuana Retail Stores, my friend Lea Claveran shared that she is using a CBD-based skin care product called CRAVE. CBD, also known as canabinoid cannabidiol, is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in marijuana and comes in oils, edibles, vapes, and flowers.

In case you didn’t see Lea’s comment, the following is an excerpt: I was given a sample of skin care for anti-aging that has CBD and Hemp oil as its base. I have owned a day spa in the past. Nothing that I have ever tried, and I am talking about professional pharmaceuticals, has ever worked better. This miraculous skin care has not only reduced my wrinkles but it has actually over a period of about 2 months completely transformed my complexion. The pores on my face have gotten so much smaller and healthier. I look at least 5 to 10 years younger! Not only have wrinkles decreased dramatically, but even the color and facial skin feels more toned and healthier.

Reading her rave review prompted me to ask for more information, and Lea sent me the following link:

Not having a medicinal marijuana card, I was curious if I could buy the product. The link took me to, where I ordered the youth serum pack. The cost was $42.00 and I paid using a virtual check (another new experience), and within a few days, a little box arrived, containing these two items.

Recently I’d tried a new facialist (new to me), and like a good businesswoman, she wanted me to buy her products. I’d been using skin care products that my dermatologist, Dr. Hutton, had created, manufactures, and sells. I spend about $150 for a nine-month supply, and I’ve been pleased with the condition of my skin. Reluctant to change my routine and products, I requested samples from the facialist before spending $800 for a three-month supply. (BTW: skin care products sold in department stores cost this much.) After a few weeks of using the facialist’s samples, my cheeks and chin broke out and looked like a rash. I stopped using the facialist’s products, returned to my previous routine, and it took me a couple of weeks for my face to heal. I’m sharing this information because skin care products can affect people differently. After having a bad experience, I was hesitant to experiment again.

Nevertheless, I decided to test the CRAVE combination, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how soft and supple my skin feels. However, I am not fond of the odor—it does not smell like a skunk like many marijuana-related products—but it is a strong unpleasant scent—almost dirty, floral. So far no rashes, and I’m waiting for my wrinkles to disappear. In all fairness, I’ve only been using it for a short time.

Impressed, I contacted the owner, Janet. (Her information is available on the website.)

I asked her how she was able to sell the products without a prescription. She explained that her business is a beauty business, not a cannabis business. Her products use the legal form of CBD, which is hemp based and does not contain THC—Tetrahydrocannabinol—the ingredient that causes the marijuana high.

She can only sell her products online and has to use the virtual check approach, which is how she can have the money transferred into the bank. Having access to financial institutions is a huge problem for anyone involved in the marijuana business. Just because it may be legal in a state, the federal government still classifies it as a Schedule 1 Narcotic, and thus, banks don’t want to be involved. Janet said she knows many business owners who transfer their money to offshore accounts. She’s looking forward to the licensing process in January, when the details of the 50 or so pages of rules that will form the basis of an ordinance regulating when and where cannabis can be grown, processed, distributed, and sold to consumers is finalized.

I commented to Janet that when I apply the oil, my skin absorbs it immediately. She explained we have special CBD receptors in our skin that CRAVES the molecule in the formula; hence the name. Janet said research has shown that topical use of CBD is antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory.

I’ve been fighting the aging process, and it’d be great if these products are the key to the fountain of youth. With skin in the game, I’m hopeful.

What are your thoughts? Are you interested in trying it? If you do, please email me about your experience.

Warmest Regards,                                                                                                                                           Michele                                                                                                                                                               Author, Busted                                                                                                                                                                                






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  1. gayle bowergayle bower

    Michele, Thank you for sharing the CRAVES skin care products. It sounds interesting and I think I will give it a try. I will keep you posted on my results.
    Sincerely, Gayle

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