What I didn’t know about the Opioid Crisis

–In the U.S., 52,404 people have died from opioid-related deaths; more than from car accidents or gun-related deaths. —Princeton economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton

–“Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death among Americans under 50.” —Sam Quiones, NYT, June 16, 2017

–“Middle-of-the-road” white Americans without a college degree are the most impacted.—Jared Keller, Pacific Standard

–Opiates are body and mind-controlling beasts. While sober, a kid will complain about the least little household chore; as an addict, he or she will walk through five miles of snow, endure any hardship and humiliation to get a fix. —Sam Quiones, LA Times Article, June 16, 2017

–As a society we can’t arrest our way out of this crisis. — Surgeon General’s Report, 2016

–Under Obamacare, Medicaid provided coverage for millions of people who struggle with substance use or mental health disorders. The American Health Car Act will take life-saving drug treatment and health services away. —Drug Treatment in Jeopardy for Millions of Americans, Drug Policy Alliance, June 22, 2017

I’m still learning.

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